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When you woke up in the morning, you knew the water you would use to drink, bathe, and cook with would kill you? Your children? You would probably do whatever it took to change this, right? 

This is the reality most people in rural Malawi face every day. The challenge is they need help to get a source of water that won't kill them. 

You can help reduce their suffering by helping us financially to drill boreholes to bring clean water.

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Clean Water for Malawi has drilled 158 wells in Malawi, since we began at the end of 2010.  52 wells were paid for with 3 Global Grants from The Rotary Foundation and the rest have been paid for by individuals, churches, and businesses.

In addition to our work with Rotary International, we continue to drill in the Mzuzu (north),  and Lilongwe (central) areas. We are also developing a drilling team for the Blantyre (south) area as well.

On average, the price to drill a new borehole is between $5,000 - $6,000 depending on the depth of the well, conditions at the drill site, and the Malawian economy. Each borehole we drill or repair provides clean water for 350 - 500 people.  The amount we ask for is significantly lower than what other commercial companies in Malawi charge. We work hard at keeping the costs as low as possible to ensure we can get more boreholes working to provide the most water possible.

We have also added borehole repair to the services we offer. We have learned that on average, 94% of the boreholes drilled in Malawi before CWFM started operations, failed within the first 1 - 3 years, especially if they were drilled in the rainy season. We can usually repair a borehole for somewhere around $1,000 - $1,500.

CWFM, either by drilling or repairing boreholes, is committed to the people of Malawi to get as much clean water flowing as possible. Won't you join us? We invite you to join our "tribe" of compassionate, caring, socially aware contributors who believe in our mission. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please send your email address to info@cleanwaterformalawi.org.

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We’re drilling wells in Malawi, saving lives in one of the poorest nations in the world.


Population: 15.8 million85% live in rural areas52% live on less than $1 a day63% do not have clean water


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